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    Fully Custom Wedding Bobblehead

    Head to toe fully customized wedding bobblehead cake toppers, special custom cake toppers that totally match your own wedding dress and wedding style! Custom bobble head wedding cake topper also is an excellant idea for custom made wedding gifts, it's a good idea to get your favorite couple a bobble head doll that looks like them!

    A, This kind of "Fully customized" wedding bobblehead cake toppers 100% (from head to toe, wedding dress...) made from your own photos and requests.
    B, The past bobblehead cake toppers example for your reference only, you can made on these body styles, or made on your own design.
    C, The completed bobblehead cake toppers are on average 16-18cm( 7- 7.5 ") tall when standing upright, 0.5KG (1LB ), suitable to install on most of wedding cake.

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    Our Custom Bobbleheads
    You can call them bobble heads, bobbleheads, or custom bobbleheads, by using a spring to connect its body and oversized head, the head bobble when shook. If without a special request, all our dolls are real custom bobbleheads dolls.

    About Extra Cost
    Some seller tempt you to spend much more money by providing such options as: i want my head to bobble /base color/ master made... -- At Cutebobble, you will find, All of these are free for you!-- the list price is the final price you can get, unless you want to made accessary such as bike, car, dog, building and so on.

    About Size
    Most of our bobble head dolls are about 16-18cm( 6-7") tall when standing upright.

    About Proofing
    provide free proofs druing all the order process at different stages, adjustments will be made to the bobbleheads doll base on your opinion, such as make your nose higher, or made your eyes bigger, we will not continue the next process before getting your 100% satisfaction.
    All of these, just want to make sure you mayl get a 100% satisfied custom bobbleheads.

    Shipping & Sculpt Time
    During checkout, you can select the time you want the custom bobbleheads received in.
    1.Ships within 2-3 weeks.
    2.Ships within 15 days.
    3.Ships within 10 days.
    4.Ship within 5 days-no proofs.
    DHL/UPS express worldwide shipping. Charge is base on the time frame you selected.